Titi Omo-Ettu
Consultant Telecommunications Engineer

Engr. Titi Omo-Ettu has spent more than four decades on active participation in the Nigerian telecommunication development.
He is a Telecommunications Consultant and Trainer with special focus on education processes, youth development, and universal access.

He served as Consultant to the Nigerian Communications Commission, (NCC) from its inception in 1993 to 2010 serving the Commission in the areas of industry studies and research, universal service plans and internet applications.
He offers similar services to private sector clients.

He is Managing Partner of Telecom Answers Associates, Founder of The CYBERSCHUUL, and Publisher of CyberschuulNews.

Mr. Omo-Ettu is Fellow, Nigerian Academy of Engineering, Fellow, Nigerian Society of Engineers; Fellow Telecom Executive Management Institute, Canada; and Member, Nigerian Institute of Management.

He lives in Lagos.

He received Specialist Training in

Telecommunications Switching (Bell Telephones 1977); Digital Technology (Alcatel 1980); Tele-Traffic Engineering (ITU 1985); Network Planning and Management; Network Economics (TEMIC 1989); Managing People & Resources (NIM 1980, 1988); Marketing Strategy and Management (1989); Virtual Private Networks (1993); E-learning Management Platforms (1998); Voice Over IP (1999);

Professional Qualifications

Registered Telecommunications Engineer                                 COREN R2374.
Fellow, Nigerian Society of Engineers,                                          FNSE Membership No 01828.
Fellow, Telecom Executive Management Institute of Canada,  FTEMIC.
Member, Nigerian Institute of Management,                                 MNIM.

He was educated at

Adeola Odutola College Ijebu-Ode                                                1963 -1967
University of Lagos B.Sc Electrical Engineering                         1968 - 1973
Telecom Executive Mgt. Institute of Canada,                               1990

In Public Employment he was:

At various times, 1974 - 1991 in NITEL
Telecommunications Engineer. Project Engineer. District Engineer/Manager
Territorial Manager. 1986 Project Manager/Contracting Officer. Senior Manager, National Network Maintenance. Senior Manager, Network Planning. Team Leader, Counterpart Staff, World Bank funded Lagos Network Diagnostics. Chairman, Network Master-Plan Committee [1989-2005].

He retired from public service into private practice in 1991.

In Private Practice

He has been
1991 - Till date Managing Consultant, TELECOM ANSWERS ASSOCIATES And Chairman, THE CYBERSCHUUL, LAGOS [2001 to Date].


Network Design, Planning & Engineering. Telecommunications Business Studies. Project Management. Maintenances Management. Training & Professional Development. Internet Applications. PABX Services


Provides executive manpower training in Telecommunications Management and Information Technology. Telecommunications Technology. Sales and Marketing. Engineering. Computer. Regulation. The Market Place. Internet Applications.
The Institute has trained 1,062 executives in various development programs in Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Record of his Personal Portfolios

  • Maintenance of Crossbar Telephone Exchanges, Lagos & Ibadan 1974
  • Installation of PC1000c Exchanges in Benin, Warri, Sapele, Agbor Kano, Sokoto, Kafanchan, Samaru etc,'77 -'87
  • National Network Maintenance & Network Planning, '89 -'90
  • Technical Assessment and Upgrading of M1000 Digital PABX, UBA, '91
  • Evaluation of Tenders for Supply & Installation of Digital PABX's, UBA, '91
  • Pre-project Consultancy for Telecom improvement of NAFCON, '92
  • Design & Provision of LDSL Network Platform, PPMC, '92
  • Organisational Restructuring of Telecom Company, 2-Way, '92
  • Feasibility Study for Assembly/importation of telephone instruments, FOBI '93
  • Industrial Mtce. Training Feasibility Study into the Nigerian Telecom sector, EEC, '93
  • Investment opportunities Study in the Nigerian Telecom sector, NCC, '94
  • Study into Cellular Mobile Telecommunications Market in Nigeria, NCC, '95
  • Study into Value-Added Network Services & VAS in Nigeria, NCC, '95
  • Study into Investment opportunities and technology options for rural telecommunications in Nigeria, NCC, '95
  • Installation & Maintenance of PABX's, [ 53], '96-'98
  • Feasibility study into establishment of Cellular Mobile Services in Nigeria, '98
  • Training for Executives on Telecommunications Maintenance Programs, '99
  • Training for Executives on VANS and VANs, '99
  • Training for Executives on INTERNET Applications, 2000
  • Training for Executives in Telecom & IT at THE EXECUTIVE CYBERSCHUUL,
  • Member, Feasibility Study Group for establishment of Virtual Library in Nigeria [UNESCO coordinated], 2003
  • Consultant to NCC and Fed Min of Communications on Institutional realignment of NITEL Training Centre, Oshodi to National Institute for Telecommunications, March 2004
  • Chairman/Consultant, Industry Consultation Study on Policy framework for Applications of VoIP 2004
  • Member, Peer Review Panel for Parastatals of Fed Min of Science and Technology June - July 2006
  • Consultant to Presidential Task force on ICT industry reform 2006
  • Consultant Lead/Chairman Planning Committee Co-LocationForum 2009
  • Consultant Lead/Chairman Planning Committee WIMAXForum 2010

Appointment in Public and Community Services

1994    Member, Panel on Reorganization of NITEL.
1995    Member, Telecom Policy Draft Committee [Also in 1998].
1996    Member, OGBC/TV Board of Directors.
2003   Member of Council, Lead City University, Ibadan.

Professional Service Appointments & Elections

2010 - 2012    Elected President, Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria, ATCON
2009 - 2010    Elected Vice President, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN
2007 / 2010    Appointed Council Member, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN
2007 / 2008    Appointed Council Member, Computer Registration Council of Nigeria, CPN
2002 - 2006    Appointed Member of Council, Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE
2003 - 2008    Appointed Member Information Mgt & Research Committee, NIM
2000                Elected Vice-President (Professional Development), Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE
1999                Appointed Member, Committees of NSE [Library, ICT, Telecommunications]
1998                Elected Member, Executive Committee [Un-official], NSE
1994 - 1997   Elected Chairman [Electrical Division, Tech Committee, Communications Committee]
1994                Appointed Member, Conference Planning Committee [Lagos '94]
1986 - 1990   Elected Technical Secretary [ NSE Kaduna Brach, NITEL Engineers.]

Honours & Awards

He is privileged to have received the following distinctions:
Elected Fellow, Nigerian Academy of Engineering                                         2012
Distinguished Lecturer of DEEEAL Lecture of the NIEEE                             2010
NIM's TUYO AWARD for Indigenous Entrepreneurship                                 2005
ATCON's National Telecommunications Merit Award                                    2004
Distinguished Service Medal for Electrical/Electronic Engineer, NIEEE    2003
NSE Presidential Awards                                                                                    2003, 2001, 2000, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992
NSE Lagos Branch Merit Awards                                                                       2002, 2000
Various Awards by Engineering Students & Youth Clubs 4 No
Isolo Lions Club Outstanding Award for Service as Club Secretary           1997

NIM is Nigerian Institute of Management
NSE is Nigerian Society of Engineers
NIEEE is Nigeria Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
DEEEAL is Distinguished Electrical/Electronics Engineers Annual Lecture

Technical Papers/Dissertations

1991 - 2013    He has authored a couple of technical papers, dissertations and presentations

Industry Study-Reports/Conference Hosting/Project Management

Title of ProjectYear of Execution
Study on Investment Opportunities in the Nigerian Telecom Sector1994
Study into Cellular Mobile Telecommunications Market in Nigeria1995
Study into Value-Added Network Services & VAS in Nigeria1996
Study into Investment opportunities and technology options for rural telecommunications in Nigeria 1997
Internet Service Provision: Trends and Status Evaluation2000
Institutional realignment of NITEL Training Centre, Oshodi, to a National Institute for Telecommunications 2004
Industry Consultation Study on Policy framework for Applications of VoIP2004
Appraisal and study into the NITEL Training Centre, Kano, with a view to converting into an ICT Institute 2005
Audit/verification of the operations of Internet Service Providers in Nigeria2006
Telecom Industry Remuneration Profile in Nigeria's Telecom Industry2008
Survey & Identification of Masts & Towers in Lagos State2008
Co-locationForum 2009 - Conference & Industry Plan of Action2009
WiMAXForum 2010 - Conference & Industry Plan of Action2010
Broadband Investment Summit 2012 - An ATCON/BusinessWorld/TAA Event2011
Nigeria's Broadband Expansion Program 20132013
Guided Liquidation of NITEL/MTEL2014